Lemon splatter transfer sheet

Lemon splatter transfer sheet

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The sheets are A6 in size.

Please note that these transfers will show better on a lighter coloured background.
Any white areas on the design will be clear once the image is removed from the paper backing as it works like a film or a temporary tattoo.

On polymer clay:
Bake your desired shape first, trim the transfer sheet to the same size as your baked piece. 
Submerge your trimmed shape in cold water for a couple of minutes, the paper will try and curl, this is normal, encourage it to stay flat. 
You will notice after a couple of minutes that the image comes away from the paper, like a film. Carefully slide this off and transfer this to your piece of clay.
Smooth the design out carefully with your fingers, you can use some paper towel to remove any excess water.
Once your transfer is in place and water removed, place the piece back into the oven for 10 minutes to adhere the transfer to the clay.
Once baked leave to cool, I recommend coating your finished piece with resin or a varnish of sorts as you would if you had painted a piece or used mica/a silk screen.

On resin:
Follow the steps as above, transferring the image to the cured resin however DO NOT put your finished piece into the oven. Leave it for 24 hours in a dry spot of your home/studio. Once the 24 hours have passed I recommend doming your piece with resin to protect the transfer.